Monday, June 2, 2014


We took rings of clay and piled them on each other to create a candle holder. We had to use an exacto-knife to mark the circles in oder for us to make them from strips. We then marked the sides a second time and added water to make them still togethor. overall I am very happy with this peice.


For this project I color pencil'd a sheet of paper, then I took scraps of pictures and collaged them on the paper. Afterwards I traced them in ink, traced them in sharpie and then drew over all that with more sharpie to give one man monocles, one man a top hat and suit, one man a knife, and another man being attacked by a squid. All the images are fears that give you adrenaline.

Chalk and colored pencil

For the soda can we used chalk. I don't like chalk and think it's irritating and don't want to use it again. For the lollipop we used colored pencil, it's a little easier but I still don't like it as much as pen and pencil. For the candy we used some kind of chalky stuff and I didn't like it either. It's extremely messy and hard to create minuet

Sticky situation

My sticky situation is a story of two people who need each other but can't quite reach. I got the idea for this piece because when you're away from the one you love you want them even more. I sketched out some rough sketches and then drew it a few times. I painted a blue background and then put tape in the center of my picture and went oer one side in pink 3 times to really deepen the pink and went over the blue side twice to bring out the blue more. Then I drew my 2 people and painted them in. Afterwards I drew different pink and blue patterns in the background. Finally I outlined both charactes in my painting.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Colored pencil

In the direct picture above I had just finished the head. The eyes are what I want the viewer to be directed too. Not as much detail or color is present in the picture besides the eyes. To make the face more deranged and crazed in appearance I made one eye and one horn larger then it's counterpart. in the other picture I had added to the shading by adding countours to the background using colored pencil. There weren't any challenges in this picture because I put my heart into things I'm passionate about and this picture didn't interest me.i want to apply myself to more areas in the artistic world but I really don't like color as I feel it distracts from the purpose of the art and is harder to add as much detail. I chose colored pencil because it was the lesser evil and I could put slightly more detail than with chalk or pastel. There was no message I was trying to send in this project so I can't truly say it was a success or a failure. it doesn't show off my technical skill or creativity as much as it could, so it is somewhat of a disappointment to me. If I could re-create it I would do it in ink to make it more detailed and add abstract designs in the background. This is the first version I drew

Honestly, I like it more than the final because of it's odd design. I made it more as a joke than as an art peice but it looked really cool so I still like it :P

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Art 2 first post

Scientific project: Adam and Eve

For this picture I drew 5 rough sketches followed by 2 more detailed pictures using ink. afterwards I practiced both stippling and hatching and after review of both found stippling to be the most detailed of the two. Then I traced out my picture with pencil and slowly stippled the picture in making the contrast between darks and lights based on volume of stipples. Overall I'd rate this project a 7/10 and found it to be fun for the first half and then somewhat repetitive for the latter half of the project.