Monday, June 2, 2014


We took rings of clay and piled them on each other to create a candle holder. We had to use an exacto-knife to mark the circles in oder for us to make them from strips. We then marked the sides a second time and added water to make them still togethor. overall I am very happy with this peice.


For this project I color pencil'd a sheet of paper, then I took scraps of pictures and collaged them on the paper. Afterwards I traced them in ink, traced them in sharpie and then drew over all that with more sharpie to give one man monocles, one man a top hat and suit, one man a knife, and another man being attacked by a squid. All the images are fears that give you adrenaline.

Chalk and colored pencil

For the soda can we used chalk. I don't like chalk and think it's irritating and don't want to use it again. For the lollipop we used colored pencil, it's a little easier but I still don't like it as much as pen and pencil. For the candy we used some kind of chalky stuff and I didn't like it either. It's extremely messy and hard to create minuet

Sticky situation

My sticky situation is a story of two people who need each other but can't quite reach. I got the idea for this piece because when you're away from the one you love you want them even more. I sketched out some rough sketches and then drew it a few times. I painted a blue background and then put tape in the center of my picture and went oer one side in pink 3 times to really deepen the pink and went over the blue side twice to bring out the blue more. Then I drew my 2 people and painted them in. Afterwards I drew different pink and blue patterns in the background. Finally I outlined both charactes in my painting.